Blackberry Lemonade by Legal (Edible Beverage)

I don’t think I’ve ever been more disgusted by lemonade in my entire life. Honestly, with 20180531_003723how much I like lemonade… that’s saying a lot.

I picked up Legal’s Blackberry Lemonade because it was starting to get hot outside and a glass of lemonade sounded phenomenal for when my shift was over. I already (always) planned on getting baked after work, so ‘two birds, one stone,’ right?

I got home, said hello to my kitty, and immediately went into the kitchen to pop the top off. When I took a swig I nearly gagged.

It’s sour, bitter, thick, and disgusting. I seriously do not recommend it for anyone sensitive to sour things. I honestly don’t really recommend it for anyone unless their mixed drink calls for lemonade concentrate.

In other words, there are much better edible beverages available, so don’t waste your money.





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