Face Melt #1 by Fireline

I cannot believe how good it feels it have my face melted. 20180531_004255

While most people would be intimidated by a strain name like Face Melt, I was thoroughly enticed. I bought it the day it came in and couldn’t get home fast enough.

It smells like raspberry iced tea and tastes like dark, black cherries with a lingering sweetness. It’s not as smooth of a smoke as I would have expected, but I’ve had worse.

Halfway through the bowl I noticed my jaw was slack and relaxed. As I finished the bowl I realized I had suddenly become a complete mouth-breather. Half an hour later I felt like I was a feature in Salvador Dali’s Persistence of Memory; my body was so relaxed I was melting into the couch and we were becoming one. It felt like my facial muscles were so relaxed they were falling off of my face.

While that might not sound pleasant, let me assure you… it feels amazing. It’s a level of relaxed I don’t think I have ever had in my life. However, the feeling might be too intense for those that get paranoid about the effects of cannabis. Beginners beware!

We ran out of Face Melt #1 within just a couple of days. A few days later we received a new shipment from Fireline, which did not include Face Melt #1 but included Face Melt #2. They are on to #2 before I could even get my review of #1 on The PaintingCoffeePot!

Obviously, more to come on Face Melt #2.

If you’ve tried either of these new strains by Fireline, let me know what you think in the comments below!





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