Ivan the OG by Lifted

Ivan the OG is Lifted’s name for Gorilla Glue. Having never smoked Gorilla Glue before, I figured it was time to test out both the strain and one of our high-quality growers (Lifted).

20180527_224855I was impressed with the density and stickiness of the buds. I had a difficult time tearing apart the nugs because of how dense and sticky they were.

The smoking experience left a lot to be desired: it was very earthy with a hint of pine and it caused such a harsh burn in the back of my throat that I coughed every time I took a hit. I think I drank almost a liter of water trying to get through one bowl.

When I finally finished the bowl I noticed that I kept raising my eyebrows. I had a shocked expression stuck on my face the whole night. I tried to relax my face multiple times, which would work until I forgot to focus on relaxing my face.

I also came up with some really strange food combinations that I think would be disgusting if I were sober. I’m so embarrassed about it that I won’t be divulging my new food combinations (which I don’t plan to recreate). It was so strange that I questioned whether or not I was pregnant (I’m not).

Due to by perma-shocked face and my embarrassing food cravings from Ivan the OG, I will not be smoking Gorilla Glue again any time soon.

However, if you love Ivan the OG (Gorilla Glue), leave me a comment below!


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