Sour Diesel by Freddy’s Fuego

I love productive sativa’s and Sour Diesel is one of the iconic, traditional productive sativa’s. We carry Sour Diesel by quite a few growers, but I love the way Freddy’s Fuego’s20180514_181953 nuggets look, especially in the grams.

The nuggets are so dense that only the outermost layer was removed during transit- you can see some of it in the picture. Most of the time our grams end up getting smashed and the nuggets break down into even smaller nuggets. Not so much with Freddy’s grams because they are so dense and sticky.

Opening the package, my living room was encompassed by that delicious, citrus cannabis aroma. It packs so much lemon flavor that it’s almost legitimately sour when smoking it. The intensity of the flavor hits the back of my throat and lingers, making me cough quite a bit.

The effects set in pretty quickly with an execrated heartbeat, some muscle tightening and then relaxing, and a burst of foggy productivity. I really enjoy the effects of Sour Diesel when I’m going to be doing something that doesn’t require much brain power, like painting, hiking, cleaning, etc. I can’t smoke Sour Diesel when I’m planning to sit on the couch and watch TV or relax. It has too much get-up-and-go power. In fact, smoking it while drinking coffee is sometimes a little too much for me, even though coffee does tend to reduce the mental fog for me.

If you’ve tried Sour Diesel let me know what you thought in the comments below!


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