Tangie Cartridge by Ocean Grown

I received this cartridge as a Budtender sample and I honestly wouldn’t have tried it otherwise because the packaging it normally comes in screams ‘Cheap!’ despite costing Screenshot_20180529-125400_Google$30 each. We have many other cartridges at that price point that are packaged much better. However, after giving Tangie a shot I really like the strain and the quality of the cartridge!

I like the slender tip of the mouthpiece. Most cartridge mouthpieces are circular, which tends to allow vapor to escape easily. I didn’t notice any escaped vapor with the Ocean Grown cartridge.

I used this cartridge with my Optimum Extracts pen and it immediately began producing billowing puffs of vapor. It’s nice when I don’t need to pull on it for a while to get the oil heated up and ready for vaporization. Furthermore, this cartridge has a small wick in it and my pen doesn’t have a button, but it still works with it (which is fascinating because usually wick cartridges need a button to help warm the oil and the wick).

The flavor of this cartridge is like a mix between pine and pez candies. It has that sugary taste to it that I associate with pez candies. It’s a very smooth vapor as well; I haven’t coughed once while using it. Usually with an oil this dark it tends to be a harsher vapor to inhale, but it was actually very enjoyable.

I notice the effects of Tangie pretty quickly each time I use it. There’s an interesting balance between productivity and the munchies. If I can keep my hands busy then I don’t tend to eat, but if I don’t keep my hands busy then they suddenly become busy by putting food in my mouth.

Despite the packaging (a plastic cylinder with plastic around it to keep it sealed), I think these cartridges are worth the $30.

If you’ve tried Tangie by Ocean Grown (or any of their other cartridges) let me know what you thought in the comments below!


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