Stony Mountain Root Beer by Evergreen Herbal

I’ve been on a big edible beverage kick lately. I really like edible chocolates and candies, but I can only eat a few at a time when I don’t want to be insanely stoned. The 20180525_222654beverages are really nice because I can get a lower THC dosage beverage and still be able to consume the entire container. On the flip side, if I want my edibles to last longer, I can get a high THC dosage beverage and have it for a few days. They’re very versatile.

Growing up, Root Beer was always one of my favorite sodas. It has a unique taste and it’s very sweet. I had very high expectations for this Root Beer edible beverage, especially after trying the Orange Creampie Beverage by Evergreen Herbal.

I sat down on the couch after a long shift, popped the top off the bottle and took a swig. It tasted like root beer… but it was a little off. I took another swig and swirled it around in my mouth. The initial flavors with each drink were predominantly a sweet chemically flavor, which I found to be a little off-putting. After swallowing, however, was when the real root beer flavor would kick in.

I drank the entire bottle (30mg THC) and then looked at the ‘Nutrition Facts.’ There are 3 servings in the bottle with 32 grams of sugar per serving and the ingredients list includes a few preservatives.

I won’t be getting Stony Mountain Root Beer again to simply drink from the bottle, but I will get it again for some stony root beer floats!

If you’ve tried Stony Mountain Root Beer by Evergreen Herbal let me know what you thought in the comments below!


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