Hell’s Fire by Skord

I never thought Hell’s Fire could feel so good. Or look so good. Or taste so good. Or even smell so good.

I asked one of my fellow Budtenders to pick out an eighth (3.5grams) for me and I would 20180525_013714try it out. He immediately handed me Hell’s Fire by Skord (a $50 eighth). I usually won’t try an expensive brand by the eighth in case I don’t like it. Instead, I’ll wait until we get some of their grams in. But we haven’t had grams of anything by Skord and I trust my coworker’s weed option so I figured, ‘What the hell? Let’s try it.’

I became incredibly excited the moment I opened the jar and smelled the pungent, earthy aroma. It was almost as if it smacked me in the face, it was such an intense smell. I then put the nugs on the lid of the jar to perform a thorough inspection. As you can see from the picture they’re gorgeous. They’re crystalline and fuzzy, a little dry on the outside but when you start to break it down they’re so sticky that they leave residue on your fingers or grinder.

The smoking experience was very pleasant, which is always a plus for me. While the aroma is very pungent and in your face, the taste is much more mellow and muted. It has a predominantly earthy flavor with a slight citrus kick on the exhale, which leaves a dull sweetness in the mouth.

Halfway through the bowl I could already feel the effects; I was fully mesmerized by the smoke leaving my mouth and the trail of smoke coming from the pipe. (I mean I was inexplicably and absurdly mesmerized). When the bowl was spent I felt it settle right behind my eyes, making my eyes a little dry. A lot of strains make me want to ‘pet the fuzzy wall’, but only a few strains make me want to be the fuzzy wall. Hell’s Fire intensified the feeling of being touched, so I suddenly decided to take a shower. It was perhaps the most sensual solo shower of my life. Had S been home I’m confident that we would have gotten busy (wink, wink).

When my shower was over I got a few things done (dishes and stupid adult things). About an hour and a half after finishing the bowl I was so tired I was fighting to keep my eyes open. I slept really well for about six hours (I don’t think I moved once) and then I woke up to use the restroom and had a hard time going to back to sleep. If I’d had that day off I would have just smoked another bowl of Hell’s Fire and called it good.

Hell’s Fire is going to be one of my nighttime sexy strains moving forward. Definitely a new favorite and a must-have!

If you’ve given Hell’s Fire a smoke, let me know what you thought of it in the comments below!





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