Sweet and Sour Cindy by Tahoma Flavors

Sweet & Sour Cindy is like a really tame version of Forbidden Fruit by Canna Organix. It smells and tastes just like it, but with much less of a kick. Had I tried Sweet and Sour Cindy first I’m confident I would have reacted the same way I did with Forbidden Fruit (my mind would have been blown).

The buds don’t have that deep purple hue to them, but they looked pretty nice through 20180524_131321the packaging. However, when I started to pack my bowl I realized how dry the buds were. The harvest date is way back in November of 2017, so that probably has something to do with it. Since the buds were so dry, each time I lit the bowl I found a large flame in my face. I guess the plus side is that it created very full-bodied smoke and it was sweet and tasty.

I had a nice body relaxation similar to Forbidden Fruit, but my mind was much more awake and focused. I started smoking Sweet & Sour Cindy in the morning with a pot of coffee for a mellow wake & bake and it went really well. I had a nice, creative and relaxed energy but I wasn’t tired.

I’d like to pick up some more Sweet & Sour Cindy when we get it in stock again just to see if a more recent harvest date will make a noticeable difference. I enjoyed my calm, creative buzz that day, so I would recommend Miss Cindy for those looking to have a mellow day.

If you’ve tried Sweet & Sour Cindy, let me know what you thought of it in the comments below!



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