The Ice Cream Sundae Joint by Prohibition Brands

I can’t help but be attracted to pink joints that have to be refrigerated and are named 20180522_233829after ice cream. But can you blame me?

I kept this beauty in my fridge for almost a week, because I wanted to save it for a night when S would be there to enjoy it with me. It taunted me every time I opened the fridge door (and I’m the type of person that checks the fridge periodically to find that nothing has miraculously appeared inside).

When we finally got to enjoy it, I was ready. I lit that sucker up and got down on it, expecting it to be one of the harshest but tastiest joints out there. I was pleasantly surprised to find that it was a very pleasant smoke! I hardly even coughed despite it having hash, kief, and oil shatter.


The flavor was even reminiscent of ice cream. It tasted like something sweet but burnt. The flavor coated my mouth and my tongue piercing, bringing out the metallic taste of the jewelry. I hadn’t experienced that before.

The first effects hit pretty rapidly- my leg muscles started to twitch and my mind became very focused on detail. I’ve had a lot of infused joints make me intensely sleepy or have severe couch-lock, but this was much more of a sativa experience. S and I made dinner, ate dinner, watched a show, chatted about our day, and then we got busy in the bedroom.

I’ve had a lot of strains make me feel a strong need to touch things (pet the fuzzy wall), but I’ve only had a few strains make me extra sensitive to other people’s touch. This now tops that list.

This is an excellent joint for social situations and lover situations.

If you’ve tried the Ice Cream Sundae joint by Prohibition Brands leave me a comment with your opinion of it!


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