Bruce Banner by Top Cut

I have spent years of my life in comic book stores, so I am a total Marvel nerd. When I discovered this strain I had seriously high expectations for the effects without even researching the strain. I was naturally anticipating an alter-ego experience, or a severe burst of energy, or to turn into an angry giant. I assumed it would accompany a loud skunky and earthy smell with a slight taste of chemicals.

I was so wrong.

It smells like limes! I can easily accept lime as a Bruce Banner type of smell and flavor 20180519_224944profile based purely off the fact that limes are green. And it tasted just like it smelled; a slightly bitter lemon-lime. At this stage in the product test I was willing to be a little more open minded.

The smoking experience wasn’t very enjoyable. The smoke seemed to burn the back of my throat and linger, causing me to cough even when I wasn’t actively smoking. I was starting to feel a bit angry, which was very Hulk-like, which then made me a bit happier.

As I finished the bowl and the effects started to manifest, I felt a handsy, creative energy. I tried to write a couple of posts, but the creative feeling was much more chaotic. I then turned my creative energy towards the canvas and came away with a mess of colors- both on the canvas and all over my hands and arms.

Washing the paint off my arms and as I sat through a TV show or two, I noticed I was clenching my jaw tightly and had to force myself to loosen up. I felt like that was pretty Hulk-like, but not necessarily something enjoyable.

I then had some serious couch-lock and then dozed to sleep. I woke up on the couch a couple hours later with a sore jaw and dry-mouth. I imagine that’s how Bruce Banner feels on a regular basis.

Overall, Bruce Banner won’t be a strain for my ‘favorites’ list. It’s a little too harsh and the effects aren’t very fun or beneficial. I suppose that’s also how Bruce Banner feels…

If you’ve tried the Bruce Banner strain, let me know what you thought in the comments below!




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