Feminine Relief (Cannabis Infused Suppository) by Fairwinds

Males beware: this post is strictly for the ladies.

Ladies, I have found a cannabis product specifically designed to help ease the pain and discomfort of menstrual cycles. And for me, it works.

To give you an idea of where I’m coming from I’m going to divulge some personal information, so skip this paragraph if this becomes TMI. I have a copper IUD, which is without hormones and basically acts as a barrier in my uterus to prevent pregnancy. It provides a 12 year, very reliable source of birth control with one real side effect: it intensifies my period. My periods now last 7 days instead of 4-5, I have horrible cramping from start to finish, I bloat so much I have pants just for my period, I get nauseous and can’t eat, my lower back hurts, I get irrationally emotional to the point where I question whether or not I’m bipolar, and I even get extra sweaty and light-headed at times. For many women, this is their life even without an IUD. When I first got my IUD I hadn’t tried cannabis yet, so my only real options consisted of over-the-counter drugs. I would pop Midol, Bayer Back and Body, and similar products like it was candy. As you can imagine, it started to take a toll on my stomach as my tolerance went up and eventually it simply didn’t work well enough for me anymore.

When I finally decided it was time to try out cannabis, I wanted to try it out specifically to see if it would help with my menstrual cycle side effects. I have found that edibles and specific strains help with the majority of my period related ailments, but I’m always willing to try out products that could potentially be an all-encompassing ‘solution.’

This brings me to today’s product review: Feminine Relief (Cannabis Infused Suppositories) by Fairwinds. At first glance I thought they were going to be cannabis 20180518_110440infused tampons, but looking closer at the packaging I realized they were actually suppositories. I was honestly really hesitant to give them a try. However, after working about 45 hours through an entire period where I couldn’t smoke or eat edibles (I’m always sober at work despite being a Budtender), I decided it was time to try them out.

Since they’re suppositories the THC, CBD, and terpenes are not processed by the liver, which means it won’t make anyone high. That was the main selling point for me; if it helps me feel better I can use them before work and not be absolutely miserable at work while also not being stoned at work. The other main selling point was the fact that they’re pH balanced, which is obviously important if I’m going to insert it vaginally.

After reading the information packet inside the box, I decided to use it before work but before I showered. The info packet mentions the possibility of some discharge so I figured that if it got messier than advertised I could simply wash it off.

It was day three of my period, which tends to be one of the heavier days and therefore one of the most uncomfortable days. I woke up feeling nauseous with intense cramping and bloated.

Opening the suppository packaging, I was disappointed that it didn’t come with any sort 20180518_110459of applicator for easy and clean insertion. The suppository itself didn’t smell or look like cannabis. It smelled like essential oils or terpenes and it had a dark amber color that reminded me of iodine.

I inserted it vaginally with relative ease. The warmth of my fingers was enough to start melting it. I got into the shower about five minutes later, already noticing a tingling feeling. The instructions say that it takes about 20180518_110726fifteen minutes for full absorption, so I figured I could just wash my body at the end of the shower and be fine. About ten minutes after insertion I sneezed and I lost the last bit left to absorb (not much but still noticeable on the floor of the shower). There was a bit of discharge as I washed everything, so I think the shower was a good idea.

After the shower I inserted a tampon and went about my day as normal. The tingling feeling intensified a little, but wasn’t off-putting. An hour later I was clocking in at work and I felt wonderful. I had a smile on my face for absolutely no reason. I wasn’t cramping or nauseous. I was still bloated but for some reason I didn’t care at all. I was joking around with coworkers and customers. I was getting large tips left and right because of my happy and personable demeanor. Things that would normally bother me even when I’m not on my period didn’t bother me in the least. I just shrugged it off and kept going about my day with a smile. It was phenomenal.

Fast forwarding to 8pm, about 8 hours after insertion, the effects started to wear off. I had three hours left of my shift. The cramps were the first to reappear, then the lower back pain and sweatiness, then the irritability and nausea. By 9pm I was in full misery again. The suppository had worked really well, but when it wore off it really wore off.

I will be using these suppositories every cycle moving forward because of how amazing I felt despite being on my period. However, if I’m working a shift longer than 8 hours I won’t use it. Having three hours left of my shift when it wore off was worse than not using it at all.

The only way this product could be any better is if it came with an applicator and if it lasted 10-12 hours instead of 7-9 hours. Regardless, this product is amazing and it works really well for my menstrual related ailments.

If you’ve tried Feminine Relief or other cannabis products designed for feminine relief, let me know about it in the comments below!




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