Lost Coast OG by Virginia Company

Today’s review is on Lost Coast OG by Virginia Company, an indica dominant hybrid- and boy, is it indica dominant.  20180517_005108

Opening the jar, it smelled like a strange kind of sweet that I just couldn’t pinpoint. As I started to smoke it, however, the flavors started to jump out at me: a sour, burnt pine. Lost Coast OG smokes pretty smoothly, but with a slight burn right before the exhale, which intensifies burnt pine flavor.

As I finished the bowl and the affects started to fully settle in, I found myself half-way through a bag of popcorn. I then ate two corn dogs, some chocolates, and some of my fiancé’s chips (don’t tell him). In other words, beware; the munchies are strong with this one.

I proceeded to stay up for a few hours (until about 3am) before I crashed ridiculously hard. I couldn’t keep my eyes open and my brain seemed like it was ready to do a hardcore system shutdown on me. I staggered to bed and slept in the same spot all night. I woke up with some cottonmouth and a slightly stoned-over feeling (nothing a cup of water and a cup of coffee couldn’t cure).

I don’t think this is a strain that I will be picking up again, simply because I think I ate my entire daily allotment of calories in one sitting (yikes!) and because of how incoherently tired I became.

However, I think Lost Coast OG would be a wonderful strain for someone that has a difficult time getting an appetite or for someone looking for an intense full body relaxation.

If you’ve tried Lost Coast OG, let me know how it was in the comments below!



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