Kooki Dough Bites by Zoots

Let’s face it- who doesn’t like eating cookie dough?

So, with that in mind, my review for today is going to be rather short. Kooki Dough Bites by Zoots is an even more fun, adult way of eating cookie dough!

Once you can get through the packaging (scissors were definitely necessary) and you’re able to smell these edible bites, you’ll know you’re in for a treat. They smell and taste just like chocolate chip cookie dough! The only part that isn’t entirely reminiscent of cookie dough, is the slightly dry and crumbly texture.

Each ‘bite’ provides 10mg of THC, like all edible serving sizes in Washington State. I showed massive self-restraint and only ate one ‘bite’ for my first product test. The affects took about twenty minutes to set in, which is pretty par for the course for me. I then ate the other bite soon thereafter.

These Kooki Dough Bites are a fun way to get a ‘raw cookie dough’ fix!

If you’ve tried them before, let me know what you think in the comments below.



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