White Widow by Tropic Grow

White Widow is one of those classic strains- it’s crossbred with almost everything 20180516_003941nowadays and every cannabis connoisseur has at least heard of it. All of this is for good reason: it’s a wonderful indica strain.

It smells like Christmas (piney and earthy) with a tangy campfire flavor and it smokes so smoothly it’s almost like breathing. The effects of White Widow hit me almost instantly with a brain buzz in the back of my head. As the effects sink it further, I generally get some muscle tightening in the legs and shoulders before an intense full-body relaxation.


When I smoke White Widow before bed I am able to sleep throughout the night (not an easy task for me). The most recent time I smoked White Widow I slept for a solid 7 hours without moving. It left me with some stiffness in the morning, but a little stretching worked it out easily. I also really like White Widow because it doesn’t leave me groggy or sluggish the next morning.

White Widow naturally has a fairly high percentage of CBD (usually slightly more than a percent). For that reason I tend to smoke it during my ‘time of the month’ for a relaxed and less-painful night of sleep. White Widow and a heating pad (and perhaps some chocolate?!) and I’m set for those 5-6 days of misery.

Have you tried White Widow? Let me know about your experiences with White Widow in the comments below!



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