Raspberry Lemonade by Freddy’s Fuego

“I swear they put lemonade in this weed, man.”


I don’t think I’ll ever be able to get my hands on enough of Freddy’s buds, especially this Raspberry Lemonade. Opening the seal on the bag brought an immediate aroma of sweet citrus. If I close my eyes I can almost trick myself into thinking I’m opening a bag of candies instead of a bag of flower. Though let’s face it; weed is basically candy for adults so I’m not too far off, right?

The aroma was an accurate portrayal of how it tastes as well- it tastes like sweet lemonade with a sour kick to it on the exhale. I decided to smoke Raspberry Lemonade as a wake & bake on my day off and it complimented my honey coffee extremely well. It was also a very smooth smoke with no coughing (always a plus).

I was writing a few product reviews while I was smoking and drinking coffee. Raspberry Lemonade gave me a very focused and calm energy. I didn’t necessarily feel baked, but I was very body relaxed and spent more time than usual being witty and creative with my writing.

One of my favorite strains is Jack Herer because of how productive I can be while smoking. However, Raspberry Lemonade is even more productive and more creative for me so it will now become my ‘staple sativa’ moving forward.

I recommend Raspberry Lemonade for anyone looking to be high-functioning and productive with a focused and creative energy. From my experience, I would also recommend this strain for those that want a sativa but suffer from anxiety when smoking sativas, as it was a very calm kind of productivity.

Have you tried Raspberry Lemonade before? Let me know how it was in the comments below!




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