Fruit Loops by Happy Cannabis

The Fruit Loops strain is a complete enigma for me at this point…

20180504_230340Before I get too far into my description of this strain, I think it’s best for me to first explain my process for product reviews at The Painting CoffeePot. Every time I smoke something, I take a photo of the packaging and write a description of the aroma and the way the nuggets look. Then I pack a bowl and write down what my plans are for the day.

As I start to smoke the bowl, I write down how it tastes and smells, what the smoking process is like, and anything else that jumps to mind. When the high begins to manifest, I  write down how I feel, what I do, and any experiences I have. If I’m smoking before bed I will take my Stoner Journal with me and keep it on my nightstand as a dream journal. When I wake up I will also write down how I feel, because cannabis can sometimes affect me well after a full night’s rest.

I generally won’t look at my notes again until I sit down to write a product review. Sometimes the notes will help jog my stoner memory and sometimes… well, sometimes I have absolutely no clue what I was trying to say. Today, I have a prime example of when I have no clue what some of my stoner notes are about.

The beginning of my notes for Fruit Loops make sense; the nuggets were similar to KGB by Happy Cannabis- very dense and sticky. It smelled and tasted like candied lemons but the flavor was more muted that I had expected. The smoking experience was very pleasant as it was smooth with zero coughing.

Then my notes get a little weird:

  • “Two hours till S gets home”
  • “100 pie”
  • “Crashed really hard”
  • “Stupid work dreams”

Here’s how I imagine it happened:

  1. I kept watching the latest show I’ve been binging (The 100- judge me if you must).
  2. I got sleepy and tried to stay awake long enough for S to get home. I happened to notice that he would be home in two hours and wrote it down for some reason.
  3. I was thinking about a plethora of pies?
  4. I crashed really hard- at least that one makes sense.
  5. I had enough mental clarity to take my journal to bed with me. I then wrote down that I was having stupid work dreams. Though I don’t recall what the dreams were, I can imagine it was something simple like helping people pick out weed.
  6. I forgot to write down how I felt when I woke up, which tells me that I was still stoned-over (my phrase for a stoney hangover).

I think it was a good time? I also think I’ll have to try it again to get a reassessment.

If you’ve ever smoked the Fruit Loops strain let me know how it went for you in the comments below!



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