KGB by Happy Cannabis

This strain was the most confusing cannabis experience I’ve had in a long time. Reading the packaging, Happy Cannabis labels KGB as a Sativa Hybrid. As someone willing to admit 20180504_230348that I’ve been wrong for years, I assumed that my previous knowledge (that the strain was actually a fairly heavy indica) was wrong. So when we got it back in stock I decided it was time to find out for myself.

I was delighted by the way it smelled the moment I opened the seal on the packaging- very lemony and earthy (my favorite!). The gram nugget was so incredibly dense and moist that I couldn’t use my grinder. After tearing into the nugget, my fingers maintained a sticky film even after washing my hands (annoying, but also exciting).

It was my first of two days off and I was ready for a euphoric, but productive sativa high that would assist me in my painting endeavors. So I lit the bowl and eagerly greeted the earthy smoke that polished my mouth with a sweet and piney finish. I was sitting on the couch finishing up a TV show when the body high kicked in, but it was a much more intense body high that I was hoping for.

Half an hour after I finished the bowl I was elbow deep in a bag of Lays, covered in blankets, cuddling with my cat, and starting a new TV show binge session. I enjoyed how relaxed my body was because it seemed to help me with my muscle aches. However, I noticed that certain colors on the television popped, almost like 3D, which meant that my depth perception was in full euphoria mode.

I ended up taking a two hour nap to reduce the KGB high before S came home from work. Though I enjoyed the high, it was not the type of high that I was hoping for based on the packaging by The Happy Cannabis Collection. For me, it was nowhere near a sativa dominant hybrid kind of high. I even drank a full pot of coffee before/during my smoking session, but the KGB completely absolved the effects of the coffee.

I will try the KGB again, but not when I’m looking for a wake and bake kind of high. It’ll be when I’m looking for a full-body relaxation high accompanied by the munchies.

If you’ve tried KGB by Happy Cannabis (or by a different grower) let me know about your experience in the comments below!




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