Waikiki Queen by Tropic Grow

All hail the Queen!

Waikiki Queen is one of my absolute favorite strains for numerous reasons;

  1. It’s a clear headed sativa
  2. It makes me happy to the point where my face hurts from smiling like an idiot
  3. I paint with vibrant, daring colors on the Queen’s high
  4. It’s one of the most pleasant smokes out there- smooth and piney
  5. It’s one of the best strains for an all day wake and bake

We generally run out of Waikiki Queen as quickly as we can put it on the shelf, so when it came in I quickly snagged a gram for myself to provide a fresh perspective.

This go-round, I started my day off with the Queen and some coffee for a good ‘ol wake and bake day. I planned to get a few loads of laundry done, write a blog post or two, and then spend the rest of the day painting. I put a load of darks in the washer and started the coffee pot before I sat in front of the computer to pack a Queen’s bowl.

The nuggets were very crystalline and fuzzy, but they weren’t very dense or sticky. It made packing the bowl easy even though I was too lazy to go grab my grinder. The flower smelled diesely and citrusy, but once I started smoking the flavor turned to pine. I had just picked up some local honey because allergy season is here (boo!). The flavor of the pine with my honey coffee complimented each other very well.

I proceeded to write a bit, smoke a bit, write a bit, etc. I was clear-headed enough to write a couple of blog posts, but when my mother called to talk wedding details I soon realized how silly the Queen’s influence made me.

I had just received my hand-painted wedding shoes in the mail and she wanted a photo of me wearing them. She specified that she wanted to see me in them in the mirror… but none of my mirrors are long enough to see my feet. My solution was to sit on our guest bathroom sink in my pajamas and new high heels so I could get the photo.

As you can imagine… that didn’t go very well, especially when my curious cat showed up to photobomb. So I then took the logical approach and simply took a photo of my feet without the mirror. Duh!

Once my phone call was over, I felt a little lonely and would have loved some company. S was at work and so were my best friends so I settled for some tunes: Guardians of the Galaxy (Vol 1 & 2) on vinyl. I danced for a bit and then set up my painting supplies.

I really enjoy painting when I wake & bake, especially with Waikiki Queen. When I’m stoned I don’t pay much attention to what looks good and I don’t try to paint anything specific. I have the mental freedom to just let the brush fly and go with how I feel. It makes painting a sensory experience instead of a showcase of talent- and ironically my best paintings are from stoned sessions. With Waikiki Queen specifically, I tend to paint with bright, vibrant colors that my sober self would shy away from. (Photo coming soon!)

As the day progressed I completed three loads of laundry, nearly finished my painting, and made dinner for when S got home- all while dancing to music and being silly despite being home alone.

I recommend Waikiki Queen to anyone looking for a productive, fun, social, and carefree high. Basically, I recommend Waikiki Queen to everyone.

Thanks for reading!






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