Northern Lights Joint by Tropic Grow

I get really bad migraines on a somewhat regular basis, but I don’t like to take NSAIDs or opiates for anything unless it’s absolutely necessary. So, when it comes to my headaches and migraines, I always try the natural approach first.

Northern Lights is my go-to strain for headaches and migraines. 20180505_224717

A few nights ago I started to get a migraine at work with another two hours to go. As the shift progressed, the migraine continued to get worse- light was brighter than usual, my vision was blurry, and the pain was bordering on excruciating.

The moment my shift was over, I bought a Northern Lights joint (by Tropic Grow) and headed home. I left my shoes in the entry-way, my pants next to the couch, grabbed some water, and then I lit that puppy up.

It tasted like a spicy campfire, the joint didn’t burn as evenly as I would prefer, and it made me cough like my lungs depended on it. However, a third of the way into the joint I felt the pain congregate to one spot on the right side of my head. As I finished the joint my pain was no longer constant, but throbbing in that one spot- in and out.

I laid on the couch with my eyes closed for another ten or fifteen minutes before I felt well enough to turn on the TV, eat some dinner, and then fall asleep.

Sometimes my migraines will linger into the morning, making me feel as though I’m hung over. The morning after smoking Northern Lights I had no residual headache at all.

I can’t tell you that this is the cure for everyone’s headaches, but it certainly is for mine.

If you’ve used Northern Lights (or any other strains) for headaches and migraines, leave a comment below!





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