Tension Taming Bath Fizz by Vice

This is truly the best thing since sliced bread. As an avid bath-taker, I love using bath bombs, essential oils, and epsom salts. All of them have now been replaced by this THC/CBD bath fizz by Vice:


To get the full effect, I waited to use them until I was in pain. I had a large knot in my right calf muscle, my feet hurt, and my lower back ached.

I only used a third of the bag for my first bath because I wasn’t sure what the experience would be like or what the dosing recommendations were. When eating or smoking THC, I generally only need 20-30mg to get properly stoned. Since the entire bag is 60mg of both THC and CBD, I figured a third (~20mg) of the bag would be sufficient.

The salts smell really nice- like a citrus lavender. I added the bath fizz as the water was flowing, which caused a pretty layer of foam on the water surface.

I immediately noticed how smooth it made my skin, as though it has additional moisturizers in it. It took about fifteen minutes before I started to notice any cannabis affects. I started to get sleepy and my muscles started to fully relax.

Twenty five minutes into the bath and I was ready to pass out in the tub, which isn’t very big or comfortable. I decided that was a good time to call it quits and I got out of the tub. The fizz had made it rather slippery so that was somewhat of a challenge.

As I started to get ready for bed I became increasingly more tired, almost narcoleptic. I was still damp as I plopped into bed. I felt like the entire bed was wrapping around my body- like I was sinking into it like quick sand.

S tried to call me about ten minutes later and though I was able to answer the call I was completely incoherent. I don’t even remember the phone call, but both S and my call history says it happened.

I woke up the next morning feeling dehydrated but with significantly less pain than before the bath. I now keep at least one packet of the Tension Taming Bath Fizz in my bathroom at all times. It’s basically my entire full-body relaxation toolkit.

If you give these bath fizzes a go, let me know what you think!



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