Bubbleberry Kush Cartridge by Ionic

I really like the Bubbleberry Kush cartridge by Ionic because it’s a sleep aid with easy access. I’ve had Bubbleberry Kush attached to my battery for a good week or so now because it’s nice to come home and take a couple puffs without having to pack a bowl or before I’ve even take my shoes off.


Bubbleberry Kush provides me with a very mellow high that seems to cradle me to sleep. I can start vaping it when I get home late from work and it catalyzes my winding-down process so I can go to bed sooner.

In the cartridge form, Bubbleberry Kush has a sweet terpene flavor. The lingering but faint after-flavor reminds me of pink chapstick.

The cartridge itself is a little more disappointing than Cinex by Ionic (Vape Cartridge). The mouthpiece for my Bubbleberry cartridge is round instead of the flatter mouthpiece for my Cinex cartridge. It doesn’t make a huge difference, but it’s not as comfortable or functional.

I have also encountered a somewhat minor cartridge malfunction. On colder days where my pen sat in the bathroom (our coldest room), the oil would thicken enough to make the vaporization process difficult. My battery would light up but only a little vapor would be released. On a few occasions a splash of oil would hit my tongue as well, which would make my high very intense an hour or so later.

I found that holding the cartridge in my hand for a couple of minutes before using it would warm the oil up enough to make it function properly.

Overall, I recommend Bubbleberry Kush for anyone looking for a body relaxing, stress reducing, and sleep aiding indica.

Thanks for reading!



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