Brownie Bites by Magic Kitchens

Today I’ll be reviewing the Salted Caramel Brownie Bites by Magic Kitchens.

Whenever someone says the words ‘pot brownies’ I can’t help but get excited. So when I saw pot brownies I did not have to make myself I knew they would be coming home with me.

After a long shift at work I eagerly opened the little box to find a tiny brownie square. My first thought, “Well, when they say brownie bites they’re not kidding.” That’s all good and fine as long as it tastes good…

I opened the plastic bag keeping the brownie intact and the brownie all but crumbled as it landed a short distance onto my palm. I shrugged and brought my palm to my face, basically treating it like a shot of tequila.

Unfortunately, I was not prepared for how salty the salted caramel brownie would be. I don’t even put salt on my eggs or my popcorn. I don’t even use salt when I cook. It was almost like eating a small pile of salt with a hint of brownie, except the texture was like crumbly cake.

I immediately sought out water and something else to eat just to get rid of the taste in my mouth.

Fortunately, the 10mg of THC was enough to make me a little less disappointed in the product. In all honesty though, I would rather bake pot brownies myself than eat those again.

Have you every had the brownies by Magic Kitchens? Let me know in the comments below!



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