Pineapple Chunk by Virginia Company

Today I’m reviewing the Pineapple Chunk strain grown by Virginia Company.


Pineapple Chunk is legendary for it’s sweet and sour taste. However, I was somewhat let down by the subtlety of the flavor. Yes, I did notice a sweet citrus flavor followed by a somewhat sour lemon, but it was very muted. As I finished the bowl I was left thinking about tacos more than pineapple (it was a Tuesday and I was stoned).

Despite that minor let-down, I enjoyed the smoking experience because it was incredibly smooth. I don’t think I coughed once.

When I finished the bowl I felt very heavy, warm, and sleepy. S and I had started smoking Pineapple Chunk at the beginning of a TV show and could hardly stay awake for the tail end of the show. We had both had long shifts at work that day so we were both a little sore and tired.

When the show ended we headed straight for bed and fell asleep very quickly. I slept like an immovable log for a solid five hours, but felt so rested at that point that I had a hard time sleeping for the normal eight hours. Later the following day I felt really exhausted from those missing hours of sleep.

Though it was a pleasant smoke, I don’t think I will gravitate towards this strain in the future. There are simply plenty of other strains I would rather smoke that are just as relaxing but provide additional benefits, like helping me sleep soundly through the night or make me happy or social, etc.

If you’ve tried Pineapple Chunk let me know how it was in the comments below!



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