OZ Kush Joint by Exotikz

Have you been searching for a pre-roll that packs a serious punch and lands your butt into the couch and leaves you there? I bring to you my new favorite couch-lock: OZ Kush by Exotikz.


This joint is only 0.75 grams, but don’t let that deter you- you don’t need a full gram (unless your tolerance is through the roof). My fiancé and I enjoy Mary Jane every day, but we shared this joint and we were both trashed.

The smoking experience wasn’t very pleasant. It was a harsh smoke that caused us to cough a lot. However, it did have an enjoyable earthy flavor once the coughing fit was over and the joint itself burned very evenly.

As it started to sink in, I could almost see the Wizard of OZ himself casting the mental fog around my head and eyes. The fogginess made me a bit reclusive verbally, but very touchy and handsy. I felt like the earths gravity had increased and was pulling my body into the couch.

My fiancé (we’ll call him S. from here on out), was hit by the OZ a bit harder than I was due to how little he had eaten that day. He ended up getting a minor case of the spins. If that hadn’t happened, I’m sure things would have heated up a bit due to me being so… 6016e7fa22d5dcff3edc926baf9534e3

Overall, I will definitely be adding OZ Kush to my favorites list for those days when I just want to come home, smoke a joint, (maybe get a little action), and then go straight to bed.

If you’ve tried OZ Kush or other Exotikz strains, leave a comment below and tell me how it went!





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