Dragons Breath by Fireline


I have really come to enjoy the quality of Fireline’s buds. At first glance they look somewhat leafy. But once you open the package/jar and start to pack a bowl, you realize how dense, sticky and crystalline the buds are.

I picked up Dragons Breath simply because of the name, but I was pleasantly surprised when I discovered that it contains two of my favorite strains; Jack Herer and Northern Lights. I almost always have Jack Herer cartridges for my Indigo Pro (for a productive and creative strain) and I pick up Northern Lights whenever I’m suffering from a headache.

I ended up smoking Dragons Breath multiple times before writing my review because the first time I didn’t notice much euphoria- just a peacefulness and calm. I didn’t smoke very much of it, so I attributed the lack of euphoria to simply not smoking enough of it.

However, after smoking it the second time, I realized that the euphoria for this strain is just a little different; I still didn’t feel giggly or ‘high.’ I simply felt clear headed and peaceful.

The third time I smoked it, I also ate a 10mg THC edible. The combination of the two (the peacefulness and the giggly high) were a wonderful combination. I was very social and enjoyed the most mundane of tasks.

I would recommend Dragon’s Breath for someone looking to be happy, less self-conscious, and at peace. This would be an excellent strain for someone smoking for the first time.

If you try this strain out, let me know what you think in the comments below!




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