Pebbles Peach Hard Candies


Today I’m reviewing the peach flavored ‘Pebbles’ hard candies by Magic Kitchen. When I think of edibles I generally think of chocolates, cookies, or brownies, so I felt like the Pebbles were a somewhat unconventional edible and was eager to give it a go.

When I opened the packaging, I was happy with how similar the candy was to the picture. I also enjoyed the way the candy smelled: it was a sweet, cinnamon peach smell.

The moment I put the candy in my mouth I was taken back to my youth when Grandma made peach cobbler for Thanksgiving. Though I was expecting a more traditional peach candy taste, I was very happy with the cobbler-like taste.

It took a while for the candy to fully melt (I don’t like to chew/crunch on hard candies). When it finally dissolved, I sat on the couch and waited for it to take affect. Like most edibles, it contained roughly 10mg of THC.

After forty five minutes, I noticed that I was more relaxed, but I did not feel a euphoric high. At that point, I grabbed my pipe and started packing it with some of my favorite flower.

I cannot say that everyone will have a similar experience with this product, as everyone’s body reacts differently to cannabis products. The body processes edibles differently when allowed to dissolve in the mouth verses an edible that is eaten and digested through the stomach.

Therefore, I will not say that the Pebbles hard candies by Magic Kitchen do not ‘work’. I will, however, say that they do not work for me and do not provide the euphoric effects that I am looking for from edibles.

If you have tried these (or similar) candies, let me know about your experiences in the comments below!



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