Budtender Pot Peeves

As a Budtender, we see hundreds of people a day from all walks of life. With such a diverse clientele, it’s only a matter of time before specific behaviors become our industry pet peeves:

  1. Not telling us exactly what you’re looking for from the beginning. I have had customers tell me they don’t have a preference between indica and sativa, so I brought them a range of hybrid options only to have them reject all of my options and demand an indica strain. If they had told me what they were looking for from the beginning it would have saved both of us a lot of time.
  2. Ordering in groups. It’s okay to bring your friend with you to the dispensary, and even to the register, as long as it doesn’t make your order complicated. When two or more people come to the same Budtender at the same time, all demanding separate things, it becomes very difficult to get everyone what they’re looking for. My advice: just go to separate Budtenders. Odds are, you’ll each get something different and you’ll have more to chat about and try later.
  3. Not having any cash ready. I have had a lot of customers spend 10-15 minutes picking out their weed first to see the total before going to the ATM for cash. Not only does that make me have to wait for you to return from the ATM, it means I cannot help another customer in the meantime. It’s much more considerate of people’s time to have cash ready beforehand.
  4. Getting mad or upset when we run out of what you got last time. The cannabis industry is booming. Growers are reaching the point where they need to release new strains to stay relevant and the dispensaries have to rotate through different strains to offer every customer more diversity. With those rotations between the growers and the dispensaries, it’s very possible that we could be out of what you picked up last time. Please don’t take out your frustration on the Budtenders- they literally have zero say in what strains are grown by each vendor.
  5. Expecting us to remember what you purchased the last time. I have had customers come in and tell me, “I want exactly what I got last time. It was awesome!” When I ask them what they got last time, many have said, “I don’t remember. Can’t you look it up for me?” As a Budtender, I will always be glad that you enjoyed our buds. However, we cannot remember every persons order and we cannot look up anyone’s personal information (including what they order) per HIPAA law. If you want the same strain as last time, make sure you remember both the strain and the grower (brand). If it’s easier for you, just bring in the empty packaging. We’ll know exactly what you’re looking for.
  6. Pre-gaming. Unless you are a medical patient, please do not pre-game before hitting the dispensary. We can tell when you walk in stoned and your overly chill behavior will result in us trying to get to the next, sober customer. Stoned customers move slowly and take a long time to decide what they want.
  7. Being indecisive. It’s okay to come into a dispensary and not have any idea what you want. That’s what we’re there for; to help guide you toward the most informed decision possible. However, if we’ve shared our wealth of information and we’ve brought you the best items possible, just pick one. Please do not stand there for ten minutes while everyone waits around you. If you have any concerns or questions during your decision making process, speak out loud so we can provide additional assistance.
  8. Asking for our recommendations and not taking them. I have had multiple people tell me, “bring me what you like to smoke.” That’s always fun for me because then I can share my personal experiences and stories with my favorite strains. However, when I bring back my favorite strains from my favorite growers and they reject them all… that’s pretty rude. If you’re not going to be adventurous enough to try something new, don’t ask to see strains and items outside of your comfort zone.
  9. Asking to see products you know you won’t buy. If you’re curious about a specific category of items, like edibles for example, don’t ask us to provide a run-down of their effects, what we have, and their price ranges if you’re not planning to purchase any. Save that conversation for the day you intend to actually buy them. It’s exciting to introduce a customer to a new category of cannabis, but it’s frustrating when I have to put armfuls of products back on the shelves because you didn’t bother to buy any of it.
  10. Not tipping. Yes, Budtenders make a ‘decent’ hourly wage (I used quotations because I could not live on my own on my hourly wage). However, there are additional costs to being a knowledgeable Budtender: we have to buy the products we are selling so we can talk about them with you, the customer. The dispensary provides Budtenders with sample bags about once a month and some also provide a small allowance. Despite those perks of the job, if we want to be knowledgeable enough to really help the customers, we have to provide our own investment into our work. For every Budtender I’ve worked with, tips provide the funds they need to stay knowledgable. By tipping, you are ensuring your Budtenders stay knowledgeable and helpful (and, in my case, can afford gas to and from work).

If you are a Budtender, feel free to comment below with any of your pot peeves. If you’re a customer, leave a comment below with any pot peeves you have with Budtenders!

Thanks for reading!



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