Blue Power by Fireline

I think I have found a new favorite indica strain: Blue Power (grown by Fireline).


I tend to gravitate away from buds that are leafy, but the combination of Master Kush, The White, and Blue Moonshine strains make it irresistibly intriguing. Looking at it through the packaging, it’s easy to see the characteristic blue hue and the crystalline structures covering the buds.

When I got it home and opened the seal, I could smell the buds throughout our entire apartment (and it’s not a small apartment). I hadn’t even started smoking it when my fiancé came home and immediately said, “smells like some good weed in here!” It has a very skunky, but sweet aroma.

Smoking it wasn’t as pleasurable as I would prefer; it burned a lot in the back of my throat and caused a lot of coughing. However, the flavor of the smoke was wonderful. It has a strong berry-like flavor.

The effects arrived pretty quickly, taking over both my body and my head, placing me in a thick fog. I noticed myself getting really touchy with my fiancé- not sexually, just needing the textural stimulation on my hands (pet the fuzzy wall).

We’re still trying to re-watch Westworld before the next season premiere (which has already aired), and I was thoroughly unable to binge watch the show due to the mental fog. However, my body felt light and free of aches and pains.

That night I had a very restful sleep, but woke up with a slight, lingering fog. Luckily, a couple cups of strong coffee dissipated the fog quickly.

I would not smoke Blue Power if I had an early morning the next day, but any other time it’ll be a definite go-to for me.

Thanks for reading!



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