Coffee Mocha by Legal (80mg THC)

Coffee lovers!! I have a treat for you today! Legal’s cannabis infused Coffee Mocha!



I have spent over five years of my life in the coffee industry; I worked my way up from barista to the Head of the Training Department and I did so through multiple coffee chains. For that reason, I will always be a very harsh critic (or coffee snob) when it comes to coffee related items.

That being said, please take my word for it when I tell you that Legal’s Coffee Mocha is wonderful. It comes in a small glass bottle and includes a measuring cup for portioning. The wording they use on the bottle is pretty comical as well:

“Hey laid-back go getter, welcome to the modern day wake & bake. To enjoy the invigoration of coffee with the high of pure Northwest cannabis, sip it straight from the stubby or, for maximum bliss, pour over ice with a splash of cream. It’s like being on vacation and getting paid for it.”

I took a small sip of it before following the ‘maximum bliss’ directions. Without adding anything to it, it’s very comparable to black iced coffee with a touch of chocolate. I then decided to follow their recommendation by pouring it over a small glass of ice and adding some milk (I generally prefer whole milk over cream).

When I’m testing out a product I like to stick to a portion the average person would generally consume, especially when it comes to edibles. Unfortunately, Legal’s portioning system made it a little difficult to keep it at a 10mg dosage (the usual/recommended serving size for edibles). The provided portion cup is 1 ounce while the bottle contains 11.5 ounces with 80mg of THC.

The portioning instructions provided by Legal is practically nonexistent. There are markings on the bottle that range from “howdy!” as you get about 1/4 of the way into the bottle, all the way to “yeehaw!” as you finish the bottle. Personally, I don’t range my cannabis effects from ‘howdy’ to ‘yeehaw’, so that wasn’t helpful.

To get a roughly 10mgTHC portion I did the following:

80mgTHC/11.5ounces =  6.96mgTHC/ounce

That means that each ounce will contain 6.96mg THC. To avoid doing any further math, I simply measured out 2 ounces (13.92mg THC).

I poured the two ounces over ice and added a splash of milk and viola! It tasted just like an iced americano with a hint of chocolate and cream. Delicious!

Because I chose the bottle with 80mgTHC, I was left wanting more. In hindsight, I will most likely gravitate towards the 30mgTHC bottles so I can drink more without getting extra stoned.

Though the bottle says ‘sativa,’ I wouldn’t particularly classify this beverage as a productive wake & bake. My fiancé and I drank Coffee Mocha before restarting Westworld (in preparation for the premiere of season 2). Due to the liquid nature of this edible, the effects arrived much sooner than baked edibles. So halfway through the first episode we looked at each other and started giggling for no reason.

We made it through the third episode and decided to call it quits for the night because the effects were beginning to wear off and we were both getting tired.

The crash afterwards felt like a sugar crash; hard and fast. However, that won’t stop me from enjoying it again (and again… and again).

Thanks for reading!





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