Jeffrey’s Koffee (Infused) Joint

Today’s product review is for Jeffrey’s Koffee infused joint:


Inside this joint is flower, rosin, and kief. If you’ve ever seen ‘Get Him to the Greek’, you may be familiar with the name Jeffrey in the cannabis culture. I must say that I was not disappointed with the potency of this infused joint.

Lighting the joint was simple- giving it a little role while lighting made it burn evening. It didn’t run at all and the joint was packed evenly throughout.

I chose their Koffee joint instead of their others (like Trapstar or Lemon Cheesecake) because of my ferocious love for coffee. There was a hint of caramel and coffee flavors in the smoke, but not enough for me to instantly think “this joint tastes like coffee.” I never expect cannabis to taste the way the strain name suggests, but my enthusiasm for coffee had me hoping. For that reason, I was somewhat disappointed with the name and taste.

Regardless, 1/4 of the way through the joint, I was already having a wonderful, giggly time. It also made me feel mischievous, which led to some minor pranks at my fiancé’s expense. He was fine with it because the mischief made us both rather 6016e7fa22d5dcff3edc926baf9534e3

I’ll spare you those details and I’ll simply say that it was an exhilarating sativa dominant experience and the high was very intense. It definitely leads to stroking the fuzzy wall.

I recommend Jeffrey’s infused joints for those looking to get raucous and rowdy with some friends. I wouldn’t recommend them for someone smoking alone.

Thanks for reading!



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