MK Ultra by Virginia Company

Today I’ll be reviewing the indica dominant strain MK Ultra by Virginia Company.


MK Ultra is named after Project MK Ultra for it’s intense cerebral effects. It’s recommended for those looking to manage pain and to relax muscles. I wanted to give it a go and test that for myself.

I smoked MK Ultra after an eleven hour workday, grocery shopping, and working out. My legs and arms muscles were tight and exhausted, my feet ached, and I was really grumpy. I looked at my weed stash and immediately grabbed my unopened jar of MK Ultra. I sat down on the couch with a blanket, pillow, a large glass of water, and my pipe full of MK Ultra.

The smoke was very smooth to start, but tingled the back of my throat and made me cough a lot. I wasn’t too thrilled about how much I was coughing, but as time went on I started to feel much more relaxed. An hour later I was laid back cuddling my beautiful Maine Coon cat with a smile on my face.

I had started a new Netflix show that night, but couldn’t remember anything about it the next morning and had to re-watch both episodes.

I highly recommend MK Ultra for those looking for an intensely relaxed high. I would not recommend it for someone that still wants to be mentally lucid and sharp.

Thanks for reading!



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