Gooberry by Artizen

Though I tend to smoke sativa heavy strains, I have been sampling a lot of indicas in a search for a good sleep aid and pain relieving strain. Gooberry (grown by Artizen) was one of the first strains I tried. To be honest, my decision had a bit to do with the name Gooberry and Artizen’s pretty, pink packaging.


As far as the packaging goes, the color was the best part. I’ll need to get a new container for it because the ziplock seal won’t close anymore. I’ve had other strains by Artizen and this is the first time I’ve had that issue, so it may just be an issue with their 1 gram bags.

I really enjoyed smoking Gooberry due to it’s subtle candy-like flavor and aroma. However, the name turned out to be ironically accurate, because I turned into a complete goob. If you’ve looked through my other posts,  you’ll see that I enjoy cooking while I’m stoned. I cannot cook while smoking Gooberry. I make too many poor decisions even with the simplest of recipes.

I decided to make some Kraft mac and cheese (nostalgia hits me pretty hard sometimes and that’s my childhood go-to). My fiancé and I have been really busy lately, so dishes hadn’t been done from the night before. That left me with three options:

  1. Clean an appropriate size pot to boil water and make mac and cheese
  2. Use an overly large pot
  3. Use a tiny pot

My stoned brain refused to do dishes and thought using a huge pot was too ridiculous, so naturally I went for the tiny pot. I tested the size out with the dry noodles (knowing they would expand) and thought it would be fine. It definitely wasn’t.

As the noodles reached al dente it became a struggle to keep all the noodles in the pot, which at the time I found to be hilarious. I had to mix the cheese ingredients with the noodles in a separate bowl because it wouldn’t all fit in my little pot. Despite the cooking fiasco, the mac and cheese was delicious and my stoned tummy was very happy with my decisions.

I was not too happy the next morning when I looked at the condition of my stove. I’ll just say that it wasn’t fun to clean that morning.

In addition to the sloppy cooking, I had minor muscle spasms as I went to sleep and woke up a few times due to a series of strange dreams that involved the sudden appearance of my fiancé’s Daruma doll:


In my dreams, his Daruma doll kept appearing in strange locations throughout our house (though it lives high above our kitchen cabinets). Though the doll is meant to be a cute tradition, it gave me anxiety that he was “stalking” me.

So Gooberry was an interesting experience, but I’m not sure I’ll be smoking it again. If I do, it’ll be the night before a weekend.

If you’ve tried Gooberry, leave a comment and let me know how you like it!

Thanks for reading!



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