Tangie by Freddy’s Fuego

Today I’m reviewing Tangie by Freddy’s Fuego:


For me, Tangie had an earthly but smooth aroma and taste to it, with a slightly harsh burn to it. The burn wasn’t enough to make me cough, but still noticeable.

I started smoking after work, knowing I needed to get some chores done before bed. Halfway through the (party!) bowl, I started picking up the living room. By the time I finished the (party!) bowl, I was had already started a load of laundry and had filled the dishwasher. My night continued in this fashion: smoke for a bit, complete a chore, smoke for a bit, complete a chore, etc.

By midnight I had a clean kitchen, clean clothes (folded but not put away), and clean bedding (on the bed). I had also marathoned the first three episodes of a bad werewolf show.

The productiveness was a bit overpowering, but it was still a very pleasant experience. I would recommend Tangie for projects that require some form of physical activity.

Thanks for reading!





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