Gummo by Freddy’s Fuego

Yesterday I reviewed Citrique by Freddy’s Fuego. It was my first bad review for a specific strain. I’m happy to say that this review will be immensely more positive!

Gummo (grown by Freddy’s Fuego) was a smooth smoke with a sweet, almost berry-like flavor and aroma. Even the mouthfeel was markedly enjoyable.


When the high tide arrived, it was an intense combination of a body and a mental high; I was very relaxed but also very focused. I laid on the couch in full mouth-breather, yoga pants, Kate McKinnon mode for an entire movie. I felt like I could recall every frame of the movie, but I also couldn’t remember anything that happened in the movie- all at the same time. (That part doesn’t make sense, does it?)

I fell asleep very easily a couple hours later and woke up extremely rested. I would venture to guess that this hybrid leans a little to the indica side of life.

It’s a definite favorite. I recommend trying Gummo by Freddy’s Fuego.

Thanks for reading!




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