Optimum Extracts Vape Pen

Today I’m going to review Optimum Extracts’ vape pen:


It was difficult giving in and getting a vape pen that’s not the Indigo Pro, but I recently received some Budtender samples that included generic cartridges. In order to try the cartridges, I had to get another vape pen.

I went with Optimum Extracts for a few reasons;

  1. The USB charger screws into the battery
  2. It’s small and sleek
  3. It doesn’t really look like a vape pen without a cartridge

Now that I have much more experience with the pen, I have also enjoyed these features:

  1. It’s very durable. I have dropped it multiple times and it works perfectly
  2. It has a light indicator. At the base of the pen is a light. It will illuminate while charging until it is fully charged. It will also illuminate when you extract the vapor.
  3. It’s versatile. When I buy cartridges for my Indigo Pro, I can only buy them from Indigo Pro. With Optimum Extracts I can buy cartridges from practically any company.
  4. The battery lasts for a long time. My fiancé and I have been using it for a few full days of use and I still haven’t needed a recharge.

It does not come with a case or a protective ‘blank cartridge’ like the Indigo Pro does. It also does not vibrate when you extract the vapor. Otherwise… it’s just as good, if not better than the Indigo Pro.

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