Citrique by Freddy’s Fuego

I was beginning to think there wasn’t a strain of weed that I wouldn’t like… but it has finally happened. Citrique is the first strain to hit my reject list.


I don’t say that due to Freddy’s Fuego; you’ll come to see that I really enjoy the quality of their grow. I say that because of my body’s reactions.

Citrique has slightly earthy, very smoky aroma and flavor with a kiss of citrus. It tickled the back of my throat and forced me to couch throughout the entire (party!) bowl.

I’d had a long day on my feet so I was hoping for a happy pick-me-up sativa. As the high started to creep in, I was saddened to realize that wasn’t going to happen. My eyes widened, but I had such an intense focus that I kept staring off in vacancy. My muscles started to tighten and I kept finding my shoulders tensed up to my ears.

I decided to take a hot bath and relax, which helped with the muscle tightening. When I tried to sleep (about two hours after smoking), my mind swam with random images and I could feel my heartbeat through my ears. It took me about an hour to actually sleep. Normally it takes me 5-15 minutes.

I wasn’t anxious and it wasn’t bad enough to make me stoner-call an ambulance. However, it was not a pleasant high for me, so I won’t be smoking Citrique again.

Thanks for reading!




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