How to Prepare for 420; the Budtender’s Guide

Whether you’re an experienced cannabis connoisseur or an amateur, I have a few tips to help you prepare for 420 this year!

  1. Plan ahead because it’s an ‘unspoken’ holiday and places will be busy. Get your snacks the day before so you don’t have to deal with a large crowd at the grocery store.
  2. Check out the deals beforehand. Sure, you can get your stash of weed a few days before 420, but nearly every dispensary is going to have deals that make it worth it to wait until the day of. So scope out the deals ahead of time.
  3. If the dispensary with the best deals has an online ordering option, use it! You can’t pay for your Mary Jane online, but placing your order online gives the Budtenders time to gather up your items before you even enter the building. There’s usually a separate (and shorter!) line for online purchases as well! However, if you’re not sure what you like or what you want, then an online order may not be for you; you may want to ask a Budtender for recommendations.
  4. Drive responsibly. Don’t start the party until you’re hunkered down for the rest of the day. There’s no need to celebrate 420 behind the wheel. The police presence will be in full force on 420, just like any other holiday, but this time they’re actively looking for drivers intoxicated by cannabis. Furthermore, even if you are not driving under the influence, make sure to keep your purchases sealed and stored properly in the vehicle. The quickest way to lose a good high is by getting a DUI or a ticket.
  5. Get cash from an ATM before going to the dispensary. Most dispensaries will have multiple ATMs, but near the end of the day there’s a possibility of the ATM running out of cash. It’ll help you get in and out quicker as well.
  6. Have at least some idea of what you are looking for. Don’t show up and say, “Give me something good,” or “I want something to get me really high.” Budtenders know why you’re there, so have some opinions to help them narrow down the options and get your on your merry, stoney way. They will have hundreds of customers that day, so help them keep the line moving.
  7. If you’re trying cannabis for the first time or if you have a friend trying it for the first time, be prepared for a bad first reaction. Have some fun distractions available (like a good comedy or a simple game like Cards Against Humanity). Distractions will sometimes help with the anxiety highs.
  8. Clean your party bowls. If you’re hosting a party, make sure your rigs and bowls are clean. It’ll make a good impression with connoisseurs and keeps things sanitary.

If you have any other advise, feel free to comment below!

Happy 420 everyone!


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