What to Expect for Your First Few Days as a Budtender

When your training is over you’ll be expected to assist customers with their orders on your own. For someone new to cannabis this can be daunting. Here are some of the experiences you can expect to encounter:

  • Questions about specific products. If you’re familiar with the products in question then this is your time to shine. However, if you have never used the product before, do not make up answers and do not guess. Let the customer know that you have not tried it yourself and offer to get another Budtender involved. If the customer is very interested in the product, they will want to ask a more experienced Budtender. That’s okay! Generally speaking, other Budtenders won’t mind stepping in to help your customer. Eventually, you will be the experienced Budtender helping the new Budtender.
  • Customers that want to wait for a specific Budtender. Don’t take it personally! Odds are, if you helped that customer you would struggle to find exactly what they are looking for. They have already developed a good relationship with the Budtender they are waiting for. Eventually, you will have customers who wait for you too!
  • Register hiccups. You’ll hit the wrong button, you’ll have questions about ringing in compounding discounts, or you’ll need help with a return. All of those things are normal.
  • Struggling to find exactly what you’re looking for. If you work for a large dispensary that carries products from many vendors, then you’re going to struggle to remember where everything is. That’s okay. Ask the nearest Budtender to point you in the right direction. They were in your shoes at one point too!
  • The indecisive customer. You will have customers who know exactly what they want and you will have customers that have no clue what they want. If they’re taking a long time to decide and you have a huge line, try to offer them some subtle guidance:
    • ‘If you’re looking for a high THC count, I would go with ____’
    • ‘If you’re looking for a high CBD count, I would go with ____’
    • ‘If you want the most intense body high, I have that experience with _____ out of these options’
    • ‘If you want the most intense mental high, I have that experience with ____ out of these options’
  • The best customers you will have will be the ones who have a high budget and few preferences. Those customers are my favorite because I can bring them the products I like from a wide price range. It helps me get to know them and helps them get to know me. If they come in a lot and you have similar high preferences, they may end up requesting your assistance.
  • Sore feet and legs. If you weren’t on your feet all day for your previous job then you’ll want to pick up some comfortable shoes and some CBD!

Feel free to comment with any other experiences you may have encountered during your first solo days as a Budtender!




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