Cinex by Ionic (Vape Cartridge)

I bring to you today a true Wake & Bake!

First I’ll give you the specs:

  • THC: 67.60%
  • CBD: 3.64%
  • Total Cannabinoids: 77.08%

I’m using an Optimum Extracts vape pen to enjoy my cartridges.

Immediately after opening the packaging I could smell the oil; a rich, woody, maple-y kind of cannabis aroma. This is an oil that definitely smells like weed, so smoking in public with this one will not be incognito.

The cartridge fits nice and snug and does not leak, which is always a plus!

The flavor of the vapor is very similar to the aroma; earthy cannabis.

I started vaping Cinex with my morning coffee (a mild espresso blend with a splash of milk). It was an excellent way to wake up: I sat on the couch watching the news and by the time I poured my second cup of coffee I was chopping vegetables and making Roasted Stuffed Chicken.

My fiancé woke up to the smell of food and joined my Wake & Bake party. By the time the food was done and we had eaten, we were both a bit giggly and a bit 6016e7fa22d5dcff3edc926baf9534e3

I’ll spare you all of those details, but Cinex is certainly an energetic Sativa. We also both noticed that it has an appetite suppressant (despite my subsequent eagerness to cook). We had to switch to an indica strain in the evening to thoroughly enjoy dinner and eventually some sleep.

I will definitely be looking for this strain when I run out! I would recommend Cinex for anyone looking for a good Wake & Bake sativa.

Thanks for reading!





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