What to Expect for Your Second Day as a Budtender

You made it through your first day! Congratulations!

If you did not start shadowing a Trainer on your first day then you will definitely start shadowing them on your second day. As I mentioned in my post What to Expect for Your First Day as a Budtender , shadowing a Trainer usually consists of:

  1. Listening to them converse with the customer to determine what they are looking for. (During these conversations, pay attention to the wording they use and their recommendations.)
  2. Watching the Trainer find the products they recommended for the customers needs or wants. (Pay attention to where they are getting the different products.)
  3. Listening to them as they provide an overview of their experiences with the products they recommend. (Pay attention to their experiences because you’ll want to use some of their vernacular for those products until you try them for yourself.)
  4. Listening to the conversation as the customer comes to a decision.
  5. Helping the Trainer return the un-purchased products back to the shelf. (This exercise will help you learn where products belong.)

When it’s slow, the Trainer will most likely ask you questions about how you use and like certain strains, methods, and products. Use this time to ask them questions about the job, the vendors, and the products. The Trainer might also have you use the register to look up information about popular strains, which provides you with product knowledge and teaches you to use the tools at your disposal.

Depending on the length of your shift, you will most likely start to learn the register and help to verify IDs. If you’re already knowledgeable about the strains and products your dispensary carries, your Trainer may have you make suggestions to the customer.

If you are not already knowledgeable about the products, your Trainer will most likely provide mock scenarios for you. They will act as a customer and tell you what they’re looking to buy. You will then hunt down products within their specified parameters and offer a short explanation of each one. Your Trainer will tell you how you did and provide some additional options for you. You will repeat this exercise while it is slow.

Your Trainer may also teach you about the additional duties you should expect to have during your shifts (i.e., stocking and cleaning). Organized dispensaries will assign secondary tasks for each Budtender to accomplish during their shifts, so your Trainer will show you where to find that information and then how to complete your assigned task. Stocking product is helpful for your retention because you will be familiar with where it is in the storage room, where it is on the floor, and the options available from each vendor.

If your dispensary is understaffed and in need of Budtenders then you may only get one full day of shadowing, so make sure you soak up as much information as possible.

If you’re a new Budtender, feel free to comment and tell me how your experience has been so far!

Thanks for reading!





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