The Finer Things In Life

I was sitting in the living room of our new apartment today considering all of my new employment options, mapping out the paths they would take and whether it would get us closer to ‘making it.’

What does ‘making it’ or ‘making something of myself’ really mean? What exactly are we all trying to achieve?

Because I’m starting to think that I’ve ‘made it.’ I have an extraordinary Fiancé, a loving family, a large circle of friends, a beautiful Maine Coon cat, my own art studio, the beginnings of a serious home library, and good health.

I’ve been waiting for the right time to start doing what I really love because the arts generally don’t equate to financial stability.

But when is it ever ‘the right time’? Does that really happen for people? When is the right time to have kids? To follow your passions instead of money?

If I want to have time for my passions then I need to make time. So here we are, sitting in front of a screen together; me breaking the fourth wall and you reading my thoughts and opinions.

My passions: coffee, cannabis, wine, painting, writing, cooking, cats, photography, reading, and men in tight jeans.

I’m going to make time every day to thoroughly enjoy my passions. And then I will be sharing them with you. So if you have similar passions, then you just might like what I have to say!

Thanks for stopping by!



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